Teac LS-WH01

Teac LS-WH01

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  • Adopted the HVT system, the subwoofer that plays a powerful bass without shaking the realization

  • Equipped with a volume control for the volume knob of the subwoofer in the back

  • Power AC100V ~ 240V, 50Hz / 60Hz



Product introduction The subwoofer unit, and low-vibration and miniaturized by adopting the method HVT. Since also used in portrait is also possible, also be installed to such as a bookcase is not limited to the desktop. Satellite speakers, was repeated tuning to match the A-H01 and subwoofer.

Powerful and compact speaker system matching A-H01

In general, subwoofer requires a large diameter unit to generate low frequency sound, and this makes Subwoofer unit big and chunky. In order to achieve compact and layout-free system which is a basic concept of the TEAC Reference 01 series, the LS-WH01 employed HVT (Horizontal-Vertical Transforming) Technology. Thanks to its unique construction, the HVT unit achieved not only sleek design but also low-vibration for its bass sound. Two facing diaphrams located at both top and bottom sides move oppositely, and these two movements eliminate vibration of the unit. You will hear stunning bass sound from tiny sleek unit. 

Extra bass sound without vibration acieved by HVT Technology

Not only compactness, its most unique feature, low-vibration allows user to insatall the subwoofer on desktop, sideboards, or even book shelf, where conventional subwoofer is hard to install. Of course, you can stack the subwoofer with the A-H01. The subwoofer also can be installed vertically. 

An aluminum die-cast chassis is employed for robust construction. And all contacting points of the chassis and cabinet is firmly sealed with rubber strip, to emilinate air-leek, and this makes sure all air flow goes out via Subwooder Duct which is well calculated its length and diameter. Also, every single mounting point of PC Board/Driver Unit on the chassis employs rubber mat for anti-vibration, because inside the cabinet is filled with strong air flow.

Compact Satellite Speakers exclusively designed for Subwoofer

After the dozens of sound test, satellite speakers are designed to match with subwoofer, to maxmize its sound performance. Especially, low-frequency range where corss-over frequency exists was carefully chosen and tuned, to avoid conflict with sound from subwoofer. This setting is optimized to use with the A-H01. A clear and crips stereo sound and powerful bass sound are achieved with this compact speaker unit.

Auto Power Saving Mode

The Subwoofer unit automatically goes to Standby Mode, 25 minutes after incoming signal stopped to the Input, while the Subwoofer Unit automatically turns on when incoming signal is detected at the Input.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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